What to do on a first Date? The 76 best activitys

Your first date is coming up and you don’t know what the two of you can do? Romantic places, adrenaline kicks, anything with movement, culture, action and adventure are good first date ventures.

  1. Write a song together. For example, sing about how you met and how your date came about in the first place.
  2. Go to a boxing match or go bouldering at a climbing gym as your first activity. Climbing builds mutual trust.
  3. Read Cosmopolitan on your first date. Sex is an inevitable topic of conversation on this venture.
  4. Write a letter to God together.
  5. Take her to a place where you grew up. For example, your old schoolyard . While there, tell each other all about your childhood.
  6. Invite her or him to the zoo.
  7. Rent a tandem and turn your date into a little bike ride and picnic.
  8. Dance a Harlem shake.
  9. Go miniature golfing together.
  10. Take a boat ride together. You could rent a paddle boat, for instance, and you’ll paddle together on the nearest lake or down the canal.
  11. Take an impromptu street poll to see if people think you’re a good match.
  12. Participate in improv theater together.
  13. Attend a concert with her.
  14. Bake hash browns together.
  15. Do a wine tasting. This will provide your date with a fancy location and the wine will quickly bring cheer to your meeting.
  16. Take her to visit your grandparents.
  17. Have a date on inline skates or roller skates.
  18. Bring two skateboards to the first date and
  19. Practice at a skate park.
  20. Play a steady couple at a car dealership looking to buy a new car and take a test drive.
  21. Attend a pole dancing class together.
  22. Especially sporty: go to a gym together or arrange a table tennis match.
  23. Play the 1-minute game.
  24. Every minute, take turns massaging,
  25. always the same for both of you.
  26. You always take turns deciding what gets massaged.
  27. Imagine what your life would have been like if you were
  28. if you had been in the same class and had met at the age of 16.
  29. Climb with your dream girl on a date over the walls of a swimming pool and
  30. Go swimming at night. As a slightly less crazy date, you can of course just go to an outdoor pool as a couple and pay regular admission 😀.
  31. Do secret gardening together.
  32. So beautify your city and plant flowers in public places public places, traffic circles or streets.
  33. Go play billiards with her.
  34. A rather classic date,
  35. but always promises nice evenings.
  36. Take a shopping tour together. Women love men who are ready to go shopping and with whom they can wander through the stores of the city. It is important that you go to a quieter location of the date after the tour with her.
  37. Create or buy together a
  38. Carnival or carnival costume in partner look.
  39. Drink a real martini together,
  40. James Bond style. Caution: this cocktail is hard alcohol mixed with hard alcohol.
  41. It will get you both drunk very quickly.
  42. Go horseback riding together.
  43. Visit a regulars‘ table in your town with her.
  44. Play beach volleyball with your potential new girlfriend
  45. Beach volleyball against other teams.
  46. Go on a brewery tour.
  47. Play Settlers of Catan on the first date.
  48. Make the date a spa trip to the nearest
  49. the nearest spa. Hot sauna sessions loosen up
  50. dealing with nudity.
  51. Take her bowling.
  52. Read her a chapter from your diary.
  53. Go bungee jumping together.
  54. Watch the movie ‚Hachiko‘ at home and let the emotions bubble. Don’t be afraid to show your vulnerable side. It’s just an extremely touching story.
  55. Watch ‚Sissi‘ together and every time „My Empress“ is said, you both have to take a shot.
  56. Take her to a drive-in movie.
  57. Go to the nearest funfair together.
  58. Visit a flea market on your first date. Also night flea markets are always very worthwhile for dates.
  59. Go together with her to a
  60. Pick strawberries in a harvest field.
  61. (There is also legal as All-You-Can-Eat
  62. Strawberry field for about 10€)
  63. Swap roles on the date and
  64. tells you in 1000 attempts the
  65. story of the other.
  66. Go to Ikea together as a date. The place
  67. offers many room changes, because you can go there for a meal or just for fun
  68. furnish your dream apartment together. The thought then makes you want more.
  69. Visit a reading stage with her.
  70. Sometimes in Münster, for example, there are also
  71. readings with pedal boats on the water.
  72. Treat yourselves to an adrenaline kick and to an amusement park.
  73. Learn to move together and take a dance class together.
  74. Go for a short or day trip to Amsterdam,
  75. Prague, Paris or Vienna.
  76. Get pampered together in a massage parlor pampered together. Looseness is guaranteed on the date and afterwards maybe you can continue to massage each other further.
  77. Play squash on a first date.
  78. This activity is extremely energetic and you
  79. will both release a lot of energy.
  80. Watch people and make up stories about them and make up stories about them.
  81. Take her out for a ‚dinner in white‘.
  82. Take her to the Holy Color Festival or to a to a neon splash party. There you’ll smear each other with paint.

Date ideas in your city

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