Happiness single vs. married

Single vs. Married and how you can feel about it

If you consult the Duden dictionary for the term „happiness“, you will find the following explanation: „State of inner satisfaction and high spirits“. With this positive description, it comes as little surprise that we all long for a happy life. What exactly this very private happiness consists of is very individual and completely different for each person. But although we always strive for a state of happiness, we rarely experience it.

Recognize reasons for your UNHAPPINESS

The reasons for this are numerous. One problem that a large part of humanity suffers from is that we do notice when we are going through a difficult phase. If, on the other hand, we are in a phase of life in which everything is going well, we are healthy, things are going well professionally, we usually do not appreciate this, but take it for granted.

Feeling happy

How happy we feel does not depend solely on whether life is running smoothly and like clockwork. What is decisive is our own talent, how we deal with difficult situations in life and how we master them. Our own attitude towards our private happiness determines how happy we actually are in our lives.

Someone who sees himself as an unlucky person, who always and everywhere sees only the negative, who is always in a bad mood, will feel far less happiness in his life than the person who gets up in the morning with a smile on his face, who does not hang his head even in the most complicated situations and who has the ability to find something positive in everything.

Not being able to be happy

The biggest problem on the way to finding our own happiness is to expect other people to make us happy. We are dissatisfied with ourselves and the life we lead. We don’t enjoy our job, we don’t feel understood by our friends, and our free time is dominated by inner emptiness and boredom.

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