Approaching: The best way to approach a woman

Many men have an incredible fear of approaching women.

You are no different. At most, when you visit a club on a Saturday night, you try your luck with the ladies. Because in the disco it is dim, you can not recognize each other properly. The alcohol in the blood contributes its remaining to it. A basket is not perceived as bad, but you yourself and your buddies and laugh about it. Then just not.

But the next day these thoughts come back painfully to your consciousness and you start to get angry. Not because of that one rejection you got yesterday. But because it’s always like that.

Actually, you never have luck in discos and yet you try it there again and again, because you are even less courageous in everyday life. But now a new woman has moved into the apartment below you. You’ve already met her a few times, but more than just saying hello? No way, the whole thing could end in disaster. Even though it may not comfort you yet, you are by no means the only man in the world who has problems approaching women. This is in your genes.

Why do I have a hard time approaching women?

Even if many people do not want to admit it, we also still have instincts and fears from our earlier ancestors in us, which often determine our actions. These also have a huge influence on your approach anxiety!

You are surprised? In the Stone Age or even earlier it was quite logical that it was dangerous for the male to approach the female. Already at that time people lived in a group. If the man was an adult and he became interested in a woman, he had to show her this somehow. Here, there was always the danger that she was already involved with another man and that he was already waiting behind him with the club to drive him away with it.

How to approach women?

The second danger was that the woman rejected him. For her, it was of particular importance that he create in her the impression that he could provide for her and a possible baby. If she did not see this as a given and rejected him, there is a great possibility that other women might have noticed this rejection. This increased the danger for the man that the other women are also not interested in him, after all, the first ladies must have already had an important reason that she did not take him.

Even if this fear is still rooted in you, you can learn how to deal with it and overcome shyness. Imagine the situation: You approach a woman, talk to her for a while, but eventually she shakes her head and declares that she is not interested.

And then? Do you really think the other people on the platform will laugh at you? Do you expect her boyfriend to come sprinting around the corner and smack you? Do you think the whole world will hear about you getting turned down? All this will not happen! If you keep this in mind, it will be much easier for you to approach women without excitement.

How to approach women?

If you want to have more success with women, you should expand the radius in which you approach them. This means that you should not only gather your courage in clubs, but also in shopping malls, in parks, in seminars and in your favorite club.

Because keep in mind that especially in nightlife there is incredibly high competition. On the one hand, women make themselves pretty and even hope to be approached. On the other hand, many men behave just like you. They would never take a chance in everyday life, but only dare to do so when they have already been drinking. Also keep in mind that many pretty girls don’t go out partying at all. They don’t like cheap beer, loud music and cigarette smoke. One more reason to try other places during the day.

Depending on the situation, you can approach women in different ways. You even have to do this if you want to be successful. A woman who is walking down the street in a hurry must first be stopped if you want her attention. A lady who is instead lying on her blanket in a park, quietly reading a book, has all the time in the world and you don’t have to think about how to get her attention.

However, there are things you should always keep in mind when approaching women.

How to make it easier to approach women. Lose your fear. As explained earlier, you should not hold on to your negative thoughts. Nothing bad can happen to you. The most negative experience you will have is that she is not interested. Period. You will not die from this.

Your inner attitude changes your appearance in the presence of women and makes a lot of difference whether you will be successful or not. However, regular practice is also the most important thing. You want to be more successful with women? Then get up, get over yourself and approach women.

You will notice with each time that it is easier and easier for you. How to approach women? Don’t be afraid of spontaneous small talk. Most of the time, you’re so excited in these situations that your body produces so much adrenaline that your brain works all by itself and spits out the best small talk topics. However, if you want to prepare a little theoretically beforehand so that there is no awkward silence after the approach, you can find tips for suitable small talk topics here: The best small talk topics. In order for you to get to know each other better, you need a date, of course.

And how do you get a date? Either by directly proposing a spontaneous date in a small café, or by asking her for her number to arrange a meeting with her. The number exchange is usually the second difficult moment after the approach, in which men often fail. It’s all about the right approach, and you’ll have her number stored in your smartphone faster than you can imagine.

To make sure that the number exchange really works, we have described exactly how to do it in our article Asking for the cell phone number. In this article, you learned that your fear still comes from earlier times and you need to work on your inner attitude, but an exact answer to the question „How to approach women“, you have not really found? In a flirt training for men our love experts will show you the answer to this question.

Learn how to approaoch any woman in any situation

They will teach you theoretical knowledge and then practice with you on the open street how to approach women. At the beginning you will be excited but you will soon realize how easy it is to get in touch with women. The question of „how to approach women“ is guaranteed to be a thing of the past.

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